Monday, 5 August 2013

Baby steps to furthering my mindfulness practice

Anyone who knows me would tend to agree – I am the least mindful person around. Hence the six fender benders.  Also, at about 7 months pregnant, I was rushing my daughter to the car in the daycare parking lot and tripped over a curb, landing belly-first on the snow and ice. Two times I've stumbled over my son’s bouncy chair on the floor, sending him flying.  Don't buy me a mandolin for Christmas, or get me to light the candles on the birthday cake. Always in a hurry, rushing to the finish line - that’s me.

Mindfulness is a journey. I have begun with eating, but I’m now starting to apply it to the rest. Lately as I've been rocking my son to sleep, instead of buzzing in my head about my meal plan for the following day, how many Weight Watchers points I had consumed on this day, or even my general to-dos, I've been listening closely to the little snorting noises he makes, watching his tiny hands grasp the bottle, reading the sayings on his pajamas ("Imagine all the people"…so cute). Taking this time doesn't take away from anything else and doesn't get me to the finish line any slower. 

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